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Weather Delay: First-round tee times for the Braselton, GA, AJGA event are delayed 1 hour due to rain. The range will open 90 minutes before play begins for both shotguns.

ACE Grant Conditions

  1. The total number of grants will be determined by the total number of qualified candidates and availability of funds.
  2. All ACE Grant funds are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the current season.
  3. Credit card debt will not be considered in the evaluation, but costs related to healthcare, education, loans and medicare will be taken into consideration.
  4. Acceptance into the ACE Grant program does not guarantee entry into any AJGA events.
  5. If your application is declined and you do not apply for entry into any AJGA events, you may request a full refund of your AJGA Membership fee.

Reimbursement Guidelines

  1. All reimbursements must be submitted online in the ACE Grant Center, do not email or fax your receipts.
  2. We will only accept original itemized receipts; no credit card or bank card statements will be accepted.
  3. When seeking reimbursement for attending an event, the AJGA will reimburse expenses up to the maximum amounts per event. (see reimbursement levels tab)
  4. When possible, keep the junior’s food/beverage expenses on a separate check. This will make it faster to process the event reimbursement.
  5. Avoid the use of a highlighter on receipts, as it deteriorates the ink causing it to be indiscernible and non-reimbursable.
  6. Bring an envelope and an event reimbursement worksheet to each event to keep track of your expenses and reduce the chances of losing receipts.
  7. All reimbursements must be submitted no later than January 25, 2020.

While the AJGA is very proud to provide this opportunity to its membership, there are specific rules for expenses covered by the ACE Grant. The ACE Grant covers expenses incurred while attending AJGA events, as well as select USGA junior events and State Championship (not high school). In addition, there are reimbursement limits the AJGA feels are appropriate for each event. Please refer to the details outlined below. These guidelines are not negotiable.

If a situation arises in which an ACE Grant recipient expects a reimbursement from the AJGA and does not receive one, please contact the ACE Grant Committee at (770) 868-4200 or foundation@ajga.org.

Expenses Covered by the ACE Grant

  • Costs incurred when traveling to and from an AJGA event. This may include gas, airfare/baggage fees (member only), airport transportation, rental cars, cabs and tolls. No mileage is covered.
  • Food and beverage costs (member only) incurred while traveling to and attending an AJGA event.
  • Housing costs incurred while traveling to and attending an AJGA event. The AJGA strongly encourages all families to utilize private housing when available.
  • A portion of the AJGA membership fee ($165), will be reimbursed upon acceptance.
  • Tournament and qualifier entry fees without exceeding the maximum ACE Grant value.
  • Gratuity up to 10 percent of the total on approved food and beverage expenses.

Expenses NOT covered by the ACE Grant

  • The AJGA will not reimburse any expenses for parents/guardians
  • The AJGA will not reimburse maintenance/repair costs for a vehicle used to travel to and from an event.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse travel costs incurred at an event when the AJGA is providing transportation (i.e. shuttles, staff rides, vouchers, etc.).
  • The AJGA will not reimburse housing costs incurred at an event when the AJGA is providing complimentary rooms.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse hotel expenses that exceed the room rate of the host hotel. If the cost exceeds that of the host hotel, you will receive reimbursement up to the host hotel’s room rate.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse hotel/travel costs incurred at an event reimbursed via travel stipend. Please send your travel stipend to the ACE Grant Committee, not the Tournament Director.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse costs for alcoholic beverages.
  • For reimbursements, due to a withdrawal, refer to the AJGA Withdrawal policy.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse any expenses incurred while attending an event, including entry fees, when the member “no shows” or is disqualified under the AJGA's Code of Conduct.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse incidental charges made through hotel room service or at the hotel gift shop. This also extends to miscellaneous charges for equipment or golf attire.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse practice round fees when the AJGA offers a free practice round the day before the tournament begins.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse a receipt that only shows the total amount charged; all receipts must be itemized.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse a receipt that includes costs incurred for people other than the member. If it is not clearly marked on the receipt which costs are for the member, the reimbursement amount will be at the AJGA ACE Grant Committee’s discretion.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse any expenses where a credit card statement is submitted in place of an original receipt.

  • $165 – AJGA membership
  • $530 – AJGA Qualifier A (includes $110 entry fee, player is not in coinciding tournament)
  • $210 – AJGA Qualifier B (includes $110 entry fee, player is in coinciding tournament)
  • $350 – U.S. Junior Amateur Championship Qualifier (includes $75 entry fee)
  • $350 – U.S. Girls' Junior Championship Qualifier (includes $75 entry fee)
  • $250 - State Junior Boys’ / Girls’ Championship
  • $800 – Junior Golf Hub Preview Series (includes $230 entry fee)
  • $1,000 – Junior All-Star Series (includes $295 entry fee)
  • $1,000 – AJGA Open (includes $295 entry fee)
  • $1,000 – U.S. Junior Amateur Championship
  • $1,000 – U.S. Girls' Junior Championship
  • $940 – AJGA Invitational (includes $375 entry fee)

ACE Grant Committee

The ACE Grant Committee is the American Junior Golf Association's internal committee to help steward and advance the purpose of the ACE Grant Program.

Stephen Hamblin
Executive Director

Jason Miller
Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Rinker
Senior Vice President of Development

Debbie Keplin
Development Coordinator

Beth Dockter
Director of Special Projects