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Refund Policy

Please review the following refund policy before withdrawing from an AJGA tournament or AJGA Qualifier.

NOTE: All processing fees (applying to more than one tournament in a given week) are non-refundable.

Tournaments: AJGA tournament fees are non-refundable (exceptions are explained below).

The Application Deadline for each AJGA tournament is approximately five weeks before the start of the tournament. If you are accepted, the tournament fee is paid after the field is announced. We feel this is adequate time to decide if you want to play should you gain entry. The Pay By Dates for tournaments are posted on the AJGA website under Dates to Remember.

We want members who gain entry into our tournaments to have adequate time to make travel arrangements at a reasonable cost. When players get accepted into our tournaments and then withdraw, the next alternate has less time to make travel plans which typically leads to higher travel costs. For some players, the potential increased travel costs prevent them from accepting a tournament spot. Please be certain you will be available to play in each tournament to which you apply before you submit your application.

We recognize the following circumstances that may arise after being accepted into an AJGA event as eligible exceptions to the standard policy. All such circumstances must involve a situation that is occurring at the same time as the AJGA tournament / Qualifier in question.The specific refund will be credited to the card used to pay for the AJGA tournament the week following conclusion of the USGA or 200-point Polo Ranked tournament.

  1. The member qualifies into a USGA or 200-point Polo Ranked tournament.
  2. The member is playing in a high school state tournament (District, Regional, State championship)*.
  3. The member is ill or injured and physically unable to compete*.
  4. There is a family emergency, such as a death or injury/illness involving the family member scheduled to take the player to the AJGA event*.

In all cases, the member must first properly submit an event withdrawal and then contact Player Services to request a refund.

* In these cases, supporting documentation will be required to complete the refund request.

AJGA Qualifiers: When applying to an AJGA Qualifier, the credit card is automatically charged the AJGA Qualifier fee. Members who gain entry to an AJGA Qualifier field may withdraw up to three weeks prior to the AJGA Qualifier and receive a full refund of the AJGA Qualifier fee. Also, if a member remains on the AJGA Qualifier alternate list, and does not play in the AJGA Qualifier or withdraws from the Alternate List, he will receive a full refund of the AJGA Qualifier fee. AJGA Qualifier refunds are issued after completion of the coinciding tournament.

If a member withdraws within three weeks of the AJGA Qualifier, regardless of when they signed up for the event, the member will not receive a refund (exceptions apply). To get the most up-to-date list of AJGA Qualifier refund deadlines, please refer to the AJGA website. The dates will be listed under Dates to Remember.

Membership: After your membership has been submitted, the membership dues are non-refundable. If a membership is submitted mistakenly, the member should call Player Services (770-868-4200) within one business day to request a refund.

NOTE: If you withdraw from any AJGA event into which you have been accepted, you will not receive the associated tournament or qualifier gifts.