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College Golf Recruiting


1. Rules of Recruiting
2. NCAA Contact Information
3. College Golf Advisors
4. Resources


Recruiting Overview

The AJGA is "dedicated to the overall growth and development of young men and women who aspire to earn college scholarships through competitive junior golf." By offering competitive opportunities, the vast majority of AJGA members attend college, and most attend on some form of athletic scholarship. Juniors should be aware of the NCAA's strict rules, so the following paragraphs are intended to provide basic information to assist juniors in this process.

First, understand that the AJGA is NOT associated with the NCAA in any way. Please do not contact the AJGA with recruiting questions. Call the NCAA directly at (317) 917-6222 or request a copy of the NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete free of charge at this number or on the NCAA website at ncaa.org.


1. Rules of Recruiting

The following tips about the Division I recruiting process can be found on the NCAA's website, ncaa.org.

When you start ninth-grade classes, you become a "prospective student-athlete."

You become a "recruited prospective student-athlete" at a particular college if any coach or representative of the college's athletics interests (booster or representative) contacts you (or any member of your family) about enrolling and participating in athletics at that college. Activities by coaches or boosters that cause you to become a recruited prospective student-athlete are:

No alumni, boosters or representatives of a college's athletics interests can be involved in your recruiting.

You (or your family) may not receive any benefit, inducement or arrangement such as cash, clothing, cars, improper expenses, transportation, gifts or loans to encourage you to sign a National Letter of Intent or attend an NCAA college.

Letters from coaches, faculty members and students are not allowed until September 1 at the beginning of your junior year of high school.


Telephone Calls

Phone calls from faculty members and coaches are not permitted until July 1 after the completion of your junior year. After this, a college coach or faculty member may call you (or your parents/legal guardians) once a week.

You (or your parents) may call a coach at your expense at any time. Coaches may also accept collect calls from you and may use a toll-free number to receive telephone calls from you on or after July 1 after completion of your junior year.



A college coach may contact you in person off the college campus no more than three times on or after July 1 of your junior year. Any face-to-face meeting between a college coach and you or your parents, during which any of you say more than "hello" is a contact. Also, any face-to-face meeting that is prearranged or that occurs at your high school, competition or practice site is a contact, regardless of the conversation.



An evaluation is any off-campus activity used to assess your academic qualifications or athletics ability, including a visit to your high school (during which no contact occurs) or watching you practice or compete at any site. Institutions have seven permissible recruiting opportunities (contacts and evaluations) during the academic year, and not more than three of the seven opportunities may be in-person, off-campus contacts.

Once you sign a National Letter of Intent, you may be evaluated an unlimited number of times by the college with which you have signed.


Official Visits

During your senior year, you can have one expense-paid (official) visit per college. You may receive no more than five such visits. You cannot have an official visit unless you have provided the college your high school academic transcript and a score from a PSAT, an SAT, a PLAN or an ACT taken on a national test date under national testing conditions.


NCAA Eligibility Center

At the beginning of your junior year, you should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, which is a minimum requirement to participate in Division I and II athletics. You can register at eligibilitycenter.org. You may also contact your high school guidance counselor or call the NCAA at (877) 262-1492.

For questions or more information on NCAA Rules and Recruiting Information, please call (317) 917-6222.


National Letter of Intent

A National Letter of Intent is an agreement signed by the prospective student-athlete, parent or legal guardian and the athletic director. The agreement states that the institution agrees to provide the prospective student-athlete, who is admitted to the institution and is eligible for financial aid under NCAA rules, athletic aid for one academic year in exchange for the prospect's agreement to attend the institution for one academic year.

Also, other institutions agree not to recruit a prospective student-athlete once he/she signs a NLI. The prospective student-athlete will no longer receive recruiting calls and is ensured an athletic scholarship for one academic year once the NLI is signed.


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2. NCAA Contact Information

For more information on National Letters of Intent, please contact:

National Letter of Intent
2201 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N.
Birmingham, AL 35203-3000
Phone: (205) 458-3000
Fax: (205) 458-3031

To receive NCAA Eligibility Center registration materials from NCAA, call:
(877) 262-1492

For other NCAA recruiting questions, call the NCAA:
(317) 917-6222

Relevant Web sites:


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3. College Golf Advisors

John H. Brooks
Red Numbers Golf
E-mail: rednumbersgolf@comcast.net
Phone: (904) 273-4188


Ted Gleason
Road to College Golf
E-mail: ted@roadtocollegegolf.com
Phone: (323) 823-4014


Nicky Goetze
E-mail: connect@nickygoetze.com
Phone: (478) 737-3242


Rich Brazeau
E-mail: rich@secondninegolf.com
Phone: (603) 817-8941


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4. Resources

The AJGA provides various resources for both parents and players to aid every player's success on and off the course.


Recruiting-NCAA Eligibility Center


PING American College Golf Guide


Access to GOLFSTAT


NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete


AJGA Website

Parents can utilize the AJGA website (www.ajga.org) in the following ways to grasp the most information:




AJGA Memberships


AJGA Player Profile


AJGA Swing Video


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